Question? What air conditioning component has been cuasing problems for 120 years and is still being used today?   Answer: P-traps

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V-trap condensate drain traps are used on residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners and air handlers from 1 ton to 90 tons and up to 8 inches negative pressure (- 8" W.C.).

No modifications to the air conditioning equipment needed. 

Simply attach the V-trap to the unit with the included adapter; the same way you would install a P-trap.  Or install an in-line V-trap in the vertical condensate drain line.

The unique valve design of the V-trap condensate drain trap eliminates all the problems associated with other condensate traps. This saves you money by reducing maintenance costs and call backs.

 • Self-Priming.

You never have to fill the V-trap with water to get it working.  It primes itself automatically. 

 • Self-Sealing.

A column of water seals the V-trap automatically as long as the blower is running.

• Self-Cleaning.

The water in the V-trap empties with each blower cycle, eliminating the build-up of dirt and mold. 

 • Non-Freezing. 

     Water automatically drains out of the V-trap when the unit is shut down for the winter.

The V-trap condensate drains traps are guaranteed for a period of 3 years against breakage due to freezing and defects in material and workmanship.  Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed!  If not completely satisfied, return the V-trap for a complete refund.

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