"V-traps make P-traps obsolete"


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Unit drain traps attach to the air conditioner or air handler condensate drain connection.  In-line traps are installed anywhere in a vertical section of the condensate drain line.

V-trap condensate drain traps are used on residential, commercial and industrial air conditioners and air handlers from 1 ton to 90 tons.  Unit models are available for up to 8" of negative pressure in-line models are available for up to 10" of negative pressure.

No modifications to the air conditioning equipment are required. 

Simply attach the V-trap to the unit with the included adapter; the same way you would install a P-trap.  Or install an in-line V-trap  in the vertical condensate drain line.

The unique valve design of the V-trap condensate drain trap eliminates all the problems associated with other condensate traps. This saves you money by reducing maintenance costs.

 • Self-Priming.

      The V-trap allows the condensate to collect and prime the trap, you never have to fill the V-trap with water. 

 • Self-Sealing.

     A column of water is established by the condensate.  The height of this column is equal to the negative air                    pressure in the unit.  The column of water is maintained as long as the blower is running.

 • Self-Cleaning.

     The water in the V-trap empties with each blower cycle, eliminating the build-up of dirt and mold. 

 • Non-Freezing. 

     When the air conditioner is shut down for the winter the condensate automatically drains.

The V-trap condensate drains traps are guaranteed for a period of 5 years against breakage due to freezing and defects in material and workmanship.  Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.


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